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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  March 31, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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been preventible because they believe that orlander carter, the man who is alleged to have taken part in this drive by, was involved in the murder of jordan howell and should have been off the streets. the way police tell it, they jumped into a van with an ak-47 and two other guns. investigators say they were looking for payback. when the three spotted a group of people sitting on this stoop on south capitol street, they opened fire, killing four and wounded five. the three were later captured. at least one assault weapon recovered. police believe it started when orlander carter and his brother thought jordan howell thought he had stolen a bracelet last week. according to a court afghanistan regarding that shooting, witness one later observed carter outside of 1333 alabama avenue yelling that someone stole his bracelet.
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witness one then susan assistant -- san queen patting people down and searching them. a few minutes later howell was dead. they believe t carter brothers were involved but prosecutors would only sign for an arrest warrant for san kwon. he was taken into custody. a day or so later his brother was shot and wounded. it was that shooting that police believe lead to the mass drive by. last night chief lanier behind that could be the case. >> we made a lot of progress to stop retaliation in gang violation. if this is a gang retliation, sham on all of us. >> reporter: back at the scene, one activist that works with at risk youth said there was fear of retaliation. >> there was a vigil and we heard people shouting out about the bracelet and we were
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telling people not to retaliate. this isn't the only beef in the city. >> reporter: in the seconds after the mass shooting, police began chasing the van out of the city and into prince george county. several officers were injured when a cruiser crashed. two officersare still hospitalized tonight. a number of officers told us that they believe that this shooting wouldn't have taken place last night if the prosecutors signed an arrest warrant for orlander carter and taken him off the street. we have been waiting to talk to chief lanier about this. she said she will talk on the record on the camera about the entire drive by later on this evening after the arraignment takes place. here is the twisted part of the story. d.c. police believe the bracelet that the carter brothers allegedly thought was stolen by jordan howell was not. police believe it was stolen by someone else and they know who that person is and that bracelet is in the custody of
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d.c. police. will? >> we are all looking forward to seeing what the chief has to say about this. paul wagner live outside superior court. thank you. the victims' families are mourning the loss of their loved ones. police believe a murder last week may have been the catalyst that started all of this. beth parker is live on south capitol with that part of the story. >> reporter: shawn, you heard paul mention jordan howell. he was murdered march 22nd. his mother says it's difficult to grieve when you are living in fear. >> that was my only child. it tower me apart. >> reporter: hours after attending the funeral, diane howell heard the news of last night's shooting. >> i ran. i packed things up and i ran. >> she ran because she feared for her own life. , i am scared to death.
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glnchtsz the shooting kid four and wounded -- >> reporter: police say the shooting killed four and wounded five ours. >> the moms and dads and family of the loved ones that died and got hurt, it never would have happened if that prosecutor would have just signed that warrant for his arrest. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office said initially there wasn't enough evidence to charge him with howell's murder. most of jordan's family and friends was at the aunt's home last night after a funeral. that's where a candle still burns in his memory. >> they need to stop the killing. you all are hurting the mothers, the fathers, brothers, sisters, all the loved ones. you all are really tearing us apart. they took my only son. my only child. my love child. >> reporter: howell says her son was a fun loving person.
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he liked sports, especially boxing but company not win his fight against d.c.'s streets. i spoke with the family of another young man, an 18-year- old named devaughn boyd. he is one of the victims in this case, one of the people that died last night. his family says he was walking by the scene on his way to and from the grocery store. we will hear from them coming up at 6:00. live in southeast, beth parker, back to you. >> so many sad stories. thank you. viewers have been posting comments on since the coverage hit the web. k.f.w. writes that area is a serious high crime area. i feel sorry for the good people that live there that have to suffer. i hope they catch the people that did that. you can post your comments online as wll. head to for complete coverage of the deadly drive-by shootings. it's on the home page. a woman and her toddler are recovering after being hit by a
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car in northeast washington. the scene of the accident at south dakota avenue and delafield about 10:30 this morning. they were hurt but not seriously. a mother and her 20-month-old were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a chimney and charred pieces of walls is all that is left of a home in lorton. the fire started about 3:00 this morning. firefighters worked at lea a hour to knock down the flames. they stayed on the scene until mid-morng to watch for hot spots. president obama is giving the green lights for offshore drilling. areas off the coast of maryland and virginia could be opened up. eaking today in prince george county, the president said the decision is part of a new energy strategy designed t reduce our import of foreign oil. tom fitzgerald is here to explain. >> reporter: he didn't exactly chant drill baby drill but this policy represents a change, one that has drilling advocates praisinghe administration and environmentalists in the unusual position of being
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critical of the president. at andrews air force base, president obama staking out a new claim on energy independence. >> we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. >> reporter: the president's plan includes opening up east coast offshore areas that have been off limits to drilling including virginia and maryland. >> drilling alone an't come close to meeting the long term energy needs. for the sake of our planet and energy independence, we need to transition to cleaner fuels now. >> reporter: it's a change of policy that moves the president closer to the position of drilling advocates. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnel whose state boasts 112 miles of coastline welcomed the news. >> virginia will be the first state to be able to enjoy the privilege of exploring and drilling off the atlantic coast
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for oil and natural gas. >> reporter: environmentalists are angry. the sierra club wants to see him focus on alternative energy than drilling. >> drilling is expansive and won't solve the energy problems but could cause pollution on the beaches and harm coastal economies and echo systems. >> reporter: drilling advocates support the president's move and say modern offshore platforms wouldn't be visible. >> state waters expend approximately three miles offshore. the federal areas are beyond that. politically for the president after ending a bruising battle over health care reform, this could grease the wheels for future cooperation. there is a lot of money to be made not only from the sites that could be produced but from the oil companies paying to
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drill there. the department of the interior will conduct a lease sale to determine who gets the drilling rights. industry experts say the rights could bring in billions to the federal treasury. >> the president's announcement at andrews was used to unveil a brand-new alternative fuel technology that the military is using. you may have noticed a fighter jet positioned behind the president. it's the first of its kind to fly on such a brand-new energy source. like we have to tell you today, warmer temperatures and sunny skies. it's the spring weather we have been waiting for. just what the doctor ordered to make sure the cherry blossoms deliver, a live look at the tidal basin. we are not done with the warm up yet. gary mcgrady is li in the weather center. will the temperatures continue to climb. >> you betcha. this will stay with us the next several days. we are in the beginning stages of a nice warm up coming our way. the blossoms are nearly peek rapidly. it's gorgeous by the basin.
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here is max hd true view to show what you is going on. you may have seen a brief high cloud. as we zoom in, we have clear skies. here is the set up. this is the stuff we dream about to get the warm temperatures in here. we have warm tns that will settle in. briefly on easter sunday, we may cool off just a little bit. it does not look like it will be bad. don't kor worry about easter sunday. this pattern sticks around for a while. we will climb to the 80s then cool off a bit but we will stay in the 70s it looks like for the next several days. at least that's the long term guidance suggesting. first look at the forecast in a little bit. will? >> 70s for several days. we like that. >> 80s are in there, too, will. >> car wash will be busy. >> very much so. former first lady barbara bush could be released from the houston hospital she is at sometime today. doctors have been doing routine
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tests since saturday. the 84-year-old hasn't been feeling good the last couple of weks. no word on what could be the cause for the hospital says but mrs. bush says she is eager to get back home and to er scheduled events. could anything have prevented it? another student victimized by school bullies commits icide? plus, how could this happen? security cameras in one of the big yeast subway -- busiest subway systems out of order. 
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still ahead tonight at 5:00, make room for another big player. jet blue is heading to an airport new year -- airport near you. everything you need to know in about 10 minutes. school bullies are suspected of driving two young teenags to committing suicide. in the death of one of the teens a 13-year-old boy from texas. the school district is looking into what could have been done to prevent the tragedy. laura barger has a closer look. >> reporter: the suicide stunned students and staff at
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his school in joshua. superintendent ray dane says friends described him as fun loving and happy. >> he always had a smile on his face. >> reporter: the 13-year-old attended laughlin middle school. his mother told us john was being bullied. she believes the harassment was too much for her son to bear. >> our goal is to never leave students unsupervised for any length of time and that's -- this was apparently in an athletic period. that's what i understand. we are having that checked out. if someone knew about it and didn't deal with it, then i need to address that and certainly will do that. >> reporter: john carmichael's mom meant with school administrators to urge them to search out and stop the bullies. her son is gone. she says she doesn't want what happened to john to happen to anyone else. >> this is a tragedy that is difficult to get your head
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around. >> lori barger reporting. he committed suicide sunday. a friend tells the texas station that he was bullied for years because he was short. in the other teenage suicide investigation, nine teens are charged with bullying phoebe prince. the district attorney veiled this week that school officials failed to help even though several of them knew about the harassment. more deadly attacks in russia today. 12 people are dead. the bombings come two days after the subway explosions in moscow. a bomber detonated explosives as police tried to stop his car and this video captured the second explosion. a bomber wearing a police uniform set off a blast as investigators gathered around the site of the first explosion. most of the victims are police officers. also today, islamic militants claimed responsibility for
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monday's bombing. russia's prime minister believes the same people could be responsible for the attacks. half of the cameras in new york's subway system don't work. mayor bloomberg us frustrated and promising to get them up and running again. more than 100 police officers and national guard members swarmed penn station and harold square for a security drill. the wicked and wet weather is causing chaos on the tracks in northeast. amtrak suspended os sell low service becae of the flooding in new england. amtrak says that service between new york city and d.c. will not be affected. one of the areas most affected by flooding is west warwick in rhode island. people there are stranded, some stuck inside stores. fox's mollie line is there to show us how rough things have gotten. >> reporter: it's the worst flooding rhode island has seen in years. >> this is mind boggling.
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>> reporter: mario has never seen the flooding this bad with providence street looking like an actual river. >> to see something that you work hard for ruined like this, it's undescribable. >> reporter: rhode island got the brunt of the storm. people are using boats and jet skis to get around. president obama issued an emergency declaration for the state ordering federal aid and authorizing fema to coordinate efforts. from the air you can see the extent of the flooding in fall river, massachusetts as a boat maneuvers through the parking lot. people trying to pump the floodwaters from their homes and others forced to leave. >> a friend was evacuated but he had ten inches of water in his living room. >> reporter: this school suffering water damage from the classrooms to the gym. >> water totaled the place out, just came in from all over, out through the back, through the ceiling, everywhere. >> rainfall reaching record levels in new jersey and parts of new york. rising waters in wayne new jersey leaving block after
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block flooded. back in rhode island, things could get worse before they get better. rivers are expected to crest tonight or tomorrow. in west warrick, rhode island, mollie line, fox news. gary is promising 70, even 80-degree temperatures. here comes summer. we are about to enter into spring. >> it's gorgeous outside. i hope we can keep this rolling, especially into the evening. >> it will be real, real nice and dry and fair skies. i do briefly want to show you this big storm causing the rain and no doubt the flooding up there. on true view we are centered into that here. you can see the big swirl. this storm is moving off. as we just showed you the rain that lingers, it's not much i. has calmed down a lot this afternoon. thank goodness for that. i know there is a lot of problems up there and there will be the next couple of days. the weather for them will cooperate because we have this big vast area of high pressure that will be moving in and
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giving that storm system the boot. promising 70s. we are there right now. in the city it's 71 degrees. check out leesburg 73. dulles which you don't see here 73 as well. front royal 74 degrees. this evening fair skies, temperatures will cool off a little bit. 66 or so by 7:00. good news here, too, the wind will be calming down. as matter of fact, after sunset i expect it to come down between 5 and 10 miles per hour. won't that be nice. 80s are coming. we will have that in the five- day forecast coming up. plus a look at the easter day forecast, too. i know that's important to you. >> and me too, gary. i need to find a swimming pool. >> can you find one that's not 50 degrees, let me know. >> i will. more than a dozen people were inducted into the investors hall of fame -- inventor hall of fame. ralph bear invented the magna
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vox video system. and the memory game simon. also inducted roger easton. he developed what was used in global developing system. the man that invented post it notes was inducted. they explained why they didn't get rich off the invention and why that's okay. >> we got a salary, nice salary. but we don't get royalties. when we invent something, we have to assign the patent rights to 3 m. we knew that when we started. the fact that we worked with really interesting people and brand-new technologies, it's fun. so, we had great careers. >> i always wondered who invented the post it notes. >> it's located at the u.s. patent and trademark office in alexandria, virginia. if you would like to see a full
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list of the inductees, go to and click on web links. ready for more choices? jet blue has its sites set on local airports. what you need to know before you book your next flight. p "&nfebbúú
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jet blue will offer eight daily departures from reagan to cities in the east. the company has asked the department of transportation for approval to get five more take off slots. jet blue already operates out of dulles and bwi marshall. more troubles for toyota. boy, it seems to get worse. another driver said the camry sped out of control before crashing into a ymca. the 76-year-old driver said she was slowly pulling into a
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parking lot in wisconsin when the car gave a load roar. she said it suddenly accelerated and slammed into the ymca building cracking the wall that leads to the gym's weight room. >> it sounded as though weights were dropped on the ground. >> we are not making judgments on what happened until we can complete the investigation or come to a possible conclusion. >> here is what we know so far. local toyota dealerships says it repaired her car under the recent recall. the woman fractured -- fractured her sternum when the air bag failed to deploy. they hope to learn more when they take a look at surveillance footage. nats are gathering up for a brand-new season. we are taking you inside the changes at the ballpark. the team hopes they will make you come out and get in the seats. also coming up tonight, the president's plan to help students stay out of debt is not going over so well. why sally mae says the move will mean thousands of job
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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on top of last night's deadly drive-by shooting in d.c., we are a waiting on the arraignment for the suspect. four people were killed and five others hurt when three gunman opened fire on south capitostreet. a 15-year-old boy is being charged as a juvenile. police believe the shooting may be connected oa murder on alabama avenue in southeast earlier this month over a stolen bracelet. despite early speculation, prince george county sheriff michael jackson will not run for the county executive seat. calvo says jackson would be an
5:31 pm
embarrassment as county executive. two sheriffs deputies shot and killed his dogs and restrained his mother-in-law. the maryland house appropriations committee presented the budget recommendations to state delegates. lawmakers are expected to debate tomorrow. it calls for the state to skip cost of living increases as well as merit pay and bonuses and add another 10 furlough days like the current fiscal years. members are not expected to gradually shift teacher pension costs to counties in coming years. student loan lender sally mae says the new loan plan will cost thousands of jobs. the president's plan takes power away from banks and lending institutions so students can get loans from the government. the idea is to save your taxpayer money. $68billion over the next 11 years, in fact. sally mae says 2500 workers will have to be let go.
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a controversy over good friday is brewing in an iowa town. city workers in davenport received notices reminding them that their offices will be closed for spring holiday on april 2nd. that is good friday. now it's an uproar why it appears they changed the name of the holiday. city leaders insist they didn't make the change. >> myself and the rest of city council, we were blind sided. >> the city of davenport did not officially change the name of good friday to spring holiday. that did not occur. >> the city says the wording change was just an accident. right now they are being bombarded with thousands of phone calls from all over the company from people saying political correctness has gone too fa. scientists say they have discovered two genes with links to autism. a team at oxford says the genes in question involve proteins connected to brain development. one influences the nervous
5:33 pm
system. the other helps organize your brain. researchers found variations to these two genes appear continue to crease susceptible to autism disorder. a new study find that drinking soda could be bad for your sperm. danish researchers say men who reported drinking over a quart of cola a day add a sperm count 30% lower than men who don't drink soda. the reason is unclear but it's probably not the caffeine since coffee and tea don't have the same effect. the district is getting closer to allowing medical marijuana. patients at the v.a. hospital will not be able to use it. the doctors are not allowed to prescribe both for patients because it's illegal under federal law. they are developing a national policy on medical marijuana. the city council will vote as early asthma whether to approve marijuana treatments. big strides are being made
5:34 pm
for wounded warriors to live with having lost a limb. we have a closer look tonight. >> reporter: last year i had a really big season. i did five half ironmans. i did new york city triathlon. >> reporter: sam phillip never imagined he would become the athlete he is today. stationed in baghdad as a soldier, he was wounded in an i.e.d. blast. shrapnel cut in his arms and damaged circulation. after more than 40 surgery trying to save his left hand they had to amputate. with state of the art technology and his strong will, sam competes against some of the world's top athletes. >> i haven't lost anything. i am racing able-bodied sicklist. >> reporter: what makes it possible are the specialized
5:35 pm
prosthetic hands he uses. he has quite a collection to choose from. >> they are interchangeable. this allows notice grab a dumbbell quickly. >> what do you use this one for. >> working on bikes around the house, in the yard. this is my road bike hand, allows notice ride with minimal april dab station to the bike. >> reporter: they are made here at a step ahead prosthetics. eric shaver is the owner and president. >> put your hand out. now bring it in. >> reporter: he is showing me the latest advancements in myo electric technology. muscle contractions cause the prosthetic to move. >> these electrodes are picking up signals going back and forth in your arm. we place these inside the pros three size so they pick up the muscles. >> reporter: new microprocessor controls gives patients like brie nan that lost both her
5:36 pm
legs increased stability to walk on different surfaces. >> a lot of things i couldn't do before like riding a bike. the legs do it all for me. >> reporter: they are more life like than ever thanks to customized skin and detailed artistic touches. check out amy. she st one of her legs in a motorcycle accident. can you figure out which one. her left leg on the right side of your screen is the prosthetic. >> to have the option to wear a 4-inch heel and looks identical to the one you lost is amazing. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> unbelievable technology. they took on r and b's greatest hits. did they win over the judges and you? "american idol" recap is still ahead. 
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the terry cot take warriors are moving on from the national museum in the district. the life size warriors are 2,000 years old. they were built for china's first emperor. they discovered a thousand of the statues buried in pits in 1974. a california woman made a new friend on her way to the record books. that whale surfaced while johnny nelson tried to become the first woman to ride solo
5:41 pm
from catalina island to dana point. it's about a 40-mile trek. the whale hung around half of the three hour journey. she said it wanted to play or protect her from something. i think i read she touched the whale at one point. maybe it gave her adrenalin to break the record. >> have you ever taken a swim with whales. >> no, dolphins. i sure f'd in california. it's kind of freaky. they are wild mammals. i like to keep my distance. well, speaking of the beach, beach weather is making its way right now. >> that's right. in fact, the fox 5 storm force is tracking temperatures that will feel like summer has arrived. ♪
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we need to make a correction concerning the race for county executive. sheriff michael jackson announced today that he will run for the democratic nomination to the county's top spot. he will face off against baker who announced his candidacy. a special honor for the owner of washington mystics. sheila johnson was presented with a congressional record in honor of women in history month. norton says johnson deserved the award because she serves as an example to young women. the nats are getting ready for the start of baseball season. tonight we have a sneak peek for you to the changes to national park even before the first pitch is thrown. lindsey murphy was one of the first to check out the changes. >> reporter: the nationals made plenty of changes to the roster but that was not it. the experience will feel like a
5:46 pm
new ball game opening day monday. to the red carpet entrance to the miller lite walk, it's one of the city's most fan friendly venues. there is a little something for everyone. >> we look time prove upon the fan experience. how do we make it more engaging, make fans feel like they are leaving the park with a smile on their face. take the existing partners and location and make them better for the fans. >> reporter: there are several changes including the scoreboard walk where fans can relax and play games. if you attend a thursday through saturday game, enjoy the sounds of the band or d.j. for you food lovers, if you can't swallow the thought of a hot dog and chicken and waffle sandwich doesn't sound appetizing, you have a healthy option. a healthy plate cart on the concourse and salads included, something to satisfy every taste bud. >> we have the options. we want to provide the options.
5:47 pm
we will steer you in any direction you want to go with traditional ballpark fair and new healthy stuff. >> the diamond club is newly renovated. get ready for baseball season. opening day is just around the corner. from a very windy nationals park, lindsey murphy, fox 5 sports. >> it's windy. you said the winds will die down. >> they will, especially after sunset. it looks like over the next several days the winds should stay in check because march, april can be blustery and windy around here. so, double your pleasure, double your fun with nice warm temperatures coming your way. these are live pictures at the tidal basin. we set a camera up and left it alone. sue and i were looking at still pictures real closeups onthe blooms. they are really close to being peek. so, i hope you get a chance to enjoy it. you have to think the next
5:48 pm
couple of days w the nice warm temperatures, that is exactly what will happen out there. the weather is really going to cooperate. it has been a treat but look at the numbers, high 71 for reagan national. dulles 73. bwi marshall the same. this is the set up. we are looking at the big picture, the jet stream. it's really shoving itse all the way up to the north in canada allowing the door to come open for this warm air. there is some real warm air out there, too, out in thecentral plains. it will make a run for us the next several days. that's why we are talking -- at least temperatures will be in the lower 80s by the time we get to friday. we may see 80s out there in places tomorrow afternoon. clear skies tonight at 11:00. 57 degrees, a little cool but not cold. 48 degrees tomorrow morning with sunny skies. sunny at noon. check that out. temperature at noon tomorrow up to 71 degrees.
5:49 pm
big storm is still spinning off to the northeast. this is why they have so many problems up here. this is a nor'easter for all intents and purposes moving up to the northeast. that's good news. it's getting kicked along by the high pressure moving in. you see out here the word hot. it's down right hot out here in parts of texas, up into the central plains. there is another system that you can see here coming into the colorado rockies, to the west, that will be coming across for easter sunday but it doesn't look like it will be a problem at all. look at the numbers, 84 for amarillo. 83 for wichita kansas. 86 st. louis. so, very warout to the west of us. we will get a taste of that starting tomorrow and through the weekend, actually. we are 71 in the city now. a little closer to home, gaithersburg 70 degrees. 74 for fredricksburg. 73 culpeper. down here you guys, i thinkyou
5:50 pm
will be touching 80 degrees. certainly the high 70s by tomorrow afternoon. here is futurecast. not a lot to look at. i wanted to show you how nice and clear we will be. this goes until saturday at 5:00. you can see there is a little rain shower activity coming in with the next system. this is saturday at 5:00. it's back out to the west. as we go into sunday, that will come across. it's looking like it will bring a few clouds in for easter sunday. not terribly worried about any rain. it will probably cool the temperatures down a little bit. we are not going to forecast 80s for easter sunday, not now. that could change. tomorrow morning and through the day, loads of sunshine a. high thin cloud late in the day. hi temperatures up to about 77 degrees. how about that. i got to say, there is the possibility that we could briefly have a little wind off the bay tomorrow with a bay breeze. if that happens, it might keep the national temperature a
5:51 pm
little cooler. if that doesn't happen, we could be 77, maybe 78 degrees. certainly by friday and saturday we will hold the temperatures in the lower 80s. a little cooler easter sunday but dry. simply because we will have a few more clouds, 78 degrees. monday we stay 78 degrees. even into next week, we are still going to have temperatures in the 70s. >> sounds great. >> unseasonally high? >> we should be about 61 right now for a high. >> this is like july. >> by the way, this is the last day of march and we are running four to five degrees above normal for month of march. who would have figured. >> not after what we had. >> that's what i'm saying. >> thanks, gary. green cars will be the highlight of the new york international auto show. jeff flock fromur fox business network gives us a preview of the new chevy cruz. >> one of the headlinesfor gm going forward is the increased
5:52 pm
importance of chevrolet. we are at the chevrolet exhibit at the new york auto show with the man that runs chevrolet for gm. what are we standing behind, jim campbell. >> we are with the chevrolet cruz. >> being introduced at the show. >> one hour from now. you are getting a sneak preview. this is a ompact car with mid- size presence on the outside and roomy. four cylinder echo 40 miles per game lon, not a hybrid. >> the other piece of chevrolet's importance is this one. everybody is focusing on this. this is the chevy volt that comes out when. >> the end of the year. chevy volt, not a hybrid, not a plug in hybrid. this is an electric vehicle that goes 40 miles without using gasoline. it has an extended range capability, a generator kicks in to give you 30-miles. across the hall is a nissan leaf introduced about the same
5:53 pm
time. the pricing looks like it will be less than the volt. >> we haven't priced the volt. this is the difference. this is electric with extended range capability. it's unique. some people will worry do i have enough battery power to get to where i needto go. with the chevrolet volt 40 miles without gasoline. if you have to go further, the generators kicks in, 300 more miles. >> that's the unique piece for the volt. okay. they will go head to head. increased importance of chevrolet. the pressure is on this guy, jim campbell, the man that runs chevrolet marketing for general motors. [singing] >> the "american idol" hopefulls belted it out hoping to do enough to stay in the competition. as usual there was hits and
5:54 pm
misses. crystal traded in her guitar for a piano. the judges were not impressed by tim urban or didi. one of the top ten will be sent home unless the judges decide to use one save for the season. the results show starts at 9:00 on fox 5. >> do you have a favorite yet. >> i don't, not yet. >> i think the judges have a favorite. i think it's crystal. >> i think they like her. i'm a big fan of lee and dee dee and shawn you don't have a favorite because it's sioban. busy watching the 24 reruns. >> i know you got an update on
5:55 pm
is what going on for "news edge at 6:00". >> a serious story at the top. the stolen bracelet, we will stay on top of last night's drive by and the pusfor answers. update on the father of a marine killed in combat. he lost his court battle against the radical church groups that protested his son's funeral. now bill o really announces he is helping the father. it's a technology we have seen on the big screen for years. now it's in youriving room. it's matt ackland and i will explain coming up. a dollar is automatically transferred from her checking to her savings account. and she gets a bonus just for saving. the more i can save for me the more i can give to them. [ male announcer ] with you when it's time to save. and she gets a bonus just for saving. wachovia. a wells fargo company.
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an early visit from the easter bunny at a hospital. it hopped his way through the hospital. he handed out special toys and goodies. we heard that the sheriff in alexandria and winchester played big rolls in getting him to the hospital for a day of fun. sweet news days before easter. some of the chocolate bunnies may do a heart good. german researchers followed 20,000 people for more than eight years. they found people that eight 6 grams of dark choke collate each day lowered their risk of stroke or heart attack.
5:59 pm
some companies are reaping the benefits. >> people are asking for dark chocolate now. we see a lot of health claims in our industry and we see them come and go but this seems like it's here to stay. >> the doctors warn the link is yet to be proven and say eang chocolate is no substitute for a heahy diet and good exercise. >> on this show i can eat chocolate but i can't drink soda. that's the take away message. the news is far from over. >> the "news edge at 6:00" with brian bolter starts right now. >> it's one of d.c.'s worst mass shootings in years. four dead at least another five injured. all over a piece of costume jewelry. it's the sort of retaliation d.c. police have been trying to curb. we will kick it off with paul


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